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Wonderland detail

This month's featured print

Here's our most recent print edition, a collaboration with Sheffield artist and tattooist, Josh Kent aka Shitjesus.

Josh studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam, focussing on print and the relationship between screen printing and tattooing. On completion he continued tattooing in pursuit of a playful style rooted in a traditional aesthetic but influenced by the absurdities of modern life. There’s always room for humour!

  • 35 x 50cm // 5 colour
  • Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum 270gsm
  • Limited Edition of 90
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Embossed with APG chop

£45.00 plus £5.50 pp

Buy this print FRAMED for only £20 extra

We've made a special bulk purchase of mouldings and boards to build stock in a new range of basic frames for these and all our extensive catalogue of 35x50cm (B3) prints and they are now available online for just £20.00, plus p&p*, when bought with a print. Select the framing option at checkout, available on all our 35x50 and 35x35 prints

*Shipping for framed prints is an additional £7.00, for a total of £12.50


  • W_land_Wh_Frame_Special.jpg
  • W_land_Bk_Frame_Special.jpg

How we made Wonderland

Ever wondered how screen prints are produced? Here's a short film giving an idea of the processes and materials we use. It takes a team - and a fair amount of tail-wagging - to work on a print collaboration...


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  • 8-0_Red
  • 8-0_Green
  • 1_Red
  • 1_Green
  • 1_Blue

The Number Cut-Outs

A group of 8 bright abstracts by APG studio’s own Rupert Wood based on number forms and random assemblies of cut out shapes

  • Design Tip: There are 4 colourways in each of 2 designs: create sets by pairing within the colourways, or have a full set of each design in all the colours...

4-colours hand-pulled screenprint
Keaycolour Claywhite Recycled 285gsm
Edition of 10, Signed, Numbered and embossed
£45.00 each unframed; framing options from £30.00

The Number Cut Outs is a group of eight prints from 2 designs which are inspired by a series of 1968 screen prints by the Yorkshire painter John Langton.

Studio work on this stage of the project was by Ben McErlain in the Archipelago studio at the time. There were eight pieces and at last, working with another Ben (McLaughlin) and Josh Bedford I have produced the first two of these as screen prints, with one area of translucent colour overprinted on to base colour areas to generate extra colour blocks. In the two pieces carried out to date, there are four colourways so far, each of which is in a signed very limited edition of 10 - Rupert Wood 2012