Summer Exhibition 2017

The Artists' Brief for UP THERE, Summer 2017

Artist Call: APG Summer Exhibition 2017


Thank you for your interest our Artists’ Call. We are now open for submissions. If you think your artwork would fit into our print collection, fill in your details on the submission form below and upload an image with a short statement describing your practice and any previous shows.

In previous years our Summer Portfolio Exhibitions have featured 1 new print each from 10 artists. We want to make this year’s show a bit of a big deal and will be looking to work with 30 artists, each image produced in editions of 30 and sold for £30 apiece


Each selected artist will submit a fresh design for a 1 or 2 colour handpulled screenprint.

Size/format: B3 (350 x 500mm) landscape, portrait or square within that measure. Paper is 285gsm, and your design can specify a choice of one of 3 substrate colours - White (off-white), Oatmeal (a natural mid-tone), and black.

Our theme: UP THERE

Our titles are broad and should be acknowledged but are open to artistic interpretation. For graphic or typographical pieces, the words in the exhibition title may not be used.

Initial submissions should be sent as a low-res jpeg file, using our submissions form.

The submission process for this show will end at 6pm on Saturday May 27th and the deadline for final submission of completed designs is 6pm, June 10th. The Show will open at 6pm on Thursday 6th July and run until Sunday 23rd July.


Q. What format/medium of work can I submit?

A. Your design must work well as a screen print. Creative disciplines that translate best to the medium of screenprint are:

  • Illustration - pencil drawings, vector, pen and ink etc.
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design - development sketches etc.
  • Typography
  • Photography - where a fairly coarse look is appropriate
  • Etc…

Don’t forget - your piece must be a fresh design, but you can incorporate or rework elements of existing work.

Q. What methods of printing are available?

A. Within screenprinting we can offer:

  • Single and multilayered printing solid blocks
  • Halftone/dither
  • Full colour CMYK, but only as an original design, not as a reproduction of artwork existing elsewhere in another form (eg a painting)

Q. Can I submit more than one design?

A. Yes, but at this stage your initial contact should be made by uploading just one image onto our submissions form. This doesn’t have to be the final artwork you wish to see printed - but it can be! We can look at your further ideas later in the process.

Q. What format should I use to submit the final artwork

A. If you are submitting your work as a design on paper, we will prepare from that and proof with you before committing to separations. If you are submitting digital files, they should be prepared at actual size, 300dpi, jpeg, pdf , eps or tiff, and should be submitted as flattened images for us to separate the layers. Colour specifications - we don’t do pantone matching so please supply samples for us to match.

Q. Who pays for the print editions?

A. APG will print selected designs without cost to the artist. Printed editions are split 70/30 between APG Works and the artists. APG will retain 21 of each edition of 30 prints to sell and finance the show. The artist will also receive 2 artist’s proofs, and will also be required to sign studio and printers’ proofs for our archive.

Q. Who produces the screenprinted editions?

A. APG Works will be responsible for the artwork preparation as well as the printing of the editions featured in the show. If you are a screenprinter yourself and would like to produce your own prints or be involved in the production get in touch and we can discuss this further.

Q. What happens after the show?

A. We will be selling prints on our online shop and in-house gallery. Artists are responsible for marketing and handling their split of the edition. Artists will receive their allocation after the show and can start marketing their work then. It is the artists’ responsibility to collect or arrange collection of their prints.

We keep in touch with artists during the process and if you have any queries please contact us at [email protected] Please ask us any questions about the medium and technical possibilities which will help you develop your design.

Past collaborative shows held at APG Works include IN CIRCULATION and UNLEASHED featuring artists Kid Acne, Jo Peel, Tom J Newell and more. Further information can be found here: