Digital Print

Your Image on Canvas

We've been doing digital printing on canvas since the gallery first began in 2002 and so we think we can fairly claim to have been among the pioneers of this now-popular format for getting your own image on view in your house or office.

Your house, your dog, your! From old family album pictures of grandparents to favourite holiday beaches, from the puppy to your favourite product packaging, there's a host of possibilities for your personalised image onto high quality canvas.

Images can be accepted in a wide variety of formats, on cd/dvd, usb memory stick, emailed etc., in jpeg, pdf, tiff etc. files for digital images; or as hard copy for scanning or photographing (charges apply). Images taken from old battered, scratched and faded photographs can be restored to former glory - please call 0114 263 4493 or email us to ask us about the possibilities.

Canvasses are stretched to deep laminated softwood frames and varnished with two coats of protective acrylic varnish.

Artists' Reproductions

For prices of framed prints on paper - please call to ask

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