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  1. APG’s Bespoke Framing // The Beginners Guild

    At APG we make every frame to order - we don’t hold readymade frames in stock. We work in this way so that we know that every frame we make will be specifically designed to meet the needs of its owner, whether this be a large hand finished Ash frame for a gallery or a small frame for a treasured holiday postcard.  Whilst most of the pieces we handle are prints, posters and original paintings on paper, we also handle other objects including tapestries, rugby shirts, objects, medals and much more.

    There are many ways to frame a piece of artwork. These are 3 of the methods we use most frequently - 

    Window mounting

    The mount card is used to create a border around the artwork; we do this by cutting a window in the centre of the board with a bevelled edge. Every mountcard is cut to size and is designed to compliment the artwork through variations in width, depth and colour. We sometimes use the expression of “giving air” to an image - visual space between picture and frame. There are several grades of mount cards, reflecting different levels of conservation. As standard we use acid free materials which are considered safe for general use in contact with your prints and posters, but for more highly valued pieces and original paintings, we recommend the use of museum grade conservation boards. 

    Close framing with deep rebate spacers

    This is a great way of framing more contemporary work or if you are bit short for wall space.  Close framing by itself is just putting your piece in a frame behind glass without mountcard, not good for the art if it is valuable as it touches the glass and unless there is a  blank border, not a great look. But with a spacer, you get a simple and modern look that lends itself well to screen printing and more graphical work. It is a relatively new style of framing that has come into its own over the past 5 years.The design works by using a deep rebate moulding, first fitting the glass at the front of the frame, followed by a 6/12/19mm spacer and then the art and the backing boards. It is becoming a favourite, as it can still be made using conservation materials, and despite its petite look, with the artwork at the back of the frame it creates a surprisingly spacious look. And it doesn’t take up so much space on your wall if you are displaying a growing collection!

    Float Framing with deep rebate mouldings and spacers

    This style of framing is perfect for artwork with deckled or torn edges as it allows you to see all four edges of the piece. We firstly mount the artwork onto 5mm conservation foam core board, using archival tapes, which is then fixed onto an acid free mount card, allowing for a border of about 35 - 50mm. Now you have a beautiful piece of floating artwork, which is framed using a deep rebate moulding and a spacer to separate the glass and mounted piece.

    These styles of framing are just a small selection of design options, so don’t feel put off if you’re still not sure of direction you’d like to go in. We are always available to go through designs and pricing at our venue down on Sidney Street, Sheffield.  Feel free to call ahead and book an appointment or just pop in. 

    Canvas Stretching

    We are also are one of the only framers in Sheffield to hand stretch canvases. We have three different depths of moulding we can use for this. After stretching we also have a full range of framing options that can be discussed. 

  2. Tenderfoot Collective 2014

    The Artists // Belinda Ayres // Paige Collins // Jayne Dent // Natasha Eves // Jessica Heywood // Steven Hithersay // Oliver Hunt // Laura Hodkin // Alex Noble // Lena Peters

    We are very pleased to welcome back the Tenderfoot Collective, who have convened for a new exhibition at the APG Gallery. We first met the group last year as students from Chesterfield College; they have now all gone on to various universities and art schools across the country and have regrouped to create a new exhibition. It's a strong show that has been well curated and we hope to continue seeing this group of artists working together and developing.

    Here are a few photos from the work in situ in the APG Works Gallery.





  3. Le Grand Depart // Yorkshire Goes Yellow for Le Tour De France

    As Yorkshire gears up for the opening stages of Le Grand Depart, we’ve been busy printing. On the very day that the cyclists set off (July 5th 2014) on the first leg of their journey from Leeds, we were busy printing and designing these little mementos and souvenirs. Each one was printed on the day, in a limited edition.

    le grand depart

     Also in the run up, WE ARE, a Sheffield based branding communication specialist, commissioned this beautiful 2 colour screen print. All proceeds going to the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in Sheffield.

    we are/ le grand depart


  4. IN CIRCULATION // APG Summer Portfolio and Exhibition

    In Circulation is APG’s Summer 2014 Portfolio of 10 screen prints.  The exhibition and portfolio brought together a diverse group of 10 artists who each created a new two colour screen print design. These designs were completed at the APG studio as original prints in limited editions of 30.

    Artists from a variety of disciplines including fine art, photography, sculpture and illustration responded to the call. The interest of the portfolio has been in the diversity of how each individual artist has approached the task.


    The Artists //Sarah Jane Palmer // Liz von Graevenitz // Lucy Allen // Anthony Bennett // Alex Ekins // David Frith // Emily Musgrave // Natalie Finnemore // Chella Quint // Rupert Wood

    In Circulation presents a great opportunity for visitors and print lovers to extend their collections with this exclusive Portfolio. In the case of some of the artists their piece may be a unique example of work in this format. All of the prints in this year’s portfolio are priced at £35.00 each or £300 for the full set of 10 prints which is presented in a free APG screen printed portfolio.