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» Listings for November 2013

  1. Piers Williams
    Iris Pink // Iris Jade




    8 colour screen print
    Image Size 60x75cm, Paper size 70x85cm
    Somerset Tubsized Satin 310gsm
    Signed Limited Editions of 50 prints each in 2 colourways

    We were commissioned in November 2013 to produce two limited editions of prints for the Sheffield based artist, Piers Williams. Piers works out of the Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works Studio on Brown Street where he produces beautifully intricate oil paintings, his main subject being flowers. His work is sold through out the UK and he has a strong following in China.

    We are used to working with more graphical images but this print was approached with a painter’s eye, dealing with the interaction of colours at different levels of opacity. Merging the painter’s method of building colour with successive overlays, and the clarity of screen print has created a striking image that couples the vibrant block colours of the background with the delicacy of the Iris flowers.

    We shipped many of these prints to China, where Piers had a solo exhibition in the 798 art district of Beijing.

  2. Piers Williams // Mattei Radev Framing

    In September 2013, Piers Williams come to us to produce frames for 2 of his oil paintings that were going to China. The style that he wanted us to achieve was that of a famous picture framer called Mattei Radev.

    Radev worked in London from the 1940’s through to the early 70’s. He was one of the first picture framers to find the right balance of setting off the picture within its frame by combining oil paint and subtle use of gilding and not dominating it with excessive gold leaf.

    Producing a Radev style frame is a something of a challenge! We researched and explored traditional construction and application of finishes, which went much further than our usual straining and waxing of bare woods. We learnt how to make gesso (the proper way) apply gold powers and lay down passages of thinned oil paints to create a frame that was grand, but balanced with the painting.

    Here are some workshop pictures showing some of the different stages of finishing.