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» Listings for July 2013

  1. Elena Bajo // Marlborough Fine Art London

    As Picture Framers who mainly use solid wood moulding we often mix up stains and waxes to create finishes on woods like ash, oak and pine. To do this and keep the workshop tidy, we use a sheet of brown Kraft paper to stain the frames on. Why are we telling you this? Well it’s because the international artist Elena Bajo commissioned us to frame these pieces of Kraft paper that show all the marks of making.Below is an example of the first one we made.

    In the Workshop...

    Elena Bajos 3

    Elena Bajos 2

    In all we produced 5 framed pieces, each frame being stained on the Kraft Paper that was inside it. The first two went to Marlborough Fine Art in London for the group show in July 2013 and another 3 went to S1 Artspace as a part of the Art Sheffield Week. 

  2. 99 Mary Street // Venue Launch 11/07/2013

    For the launch of 99 Mary Street, Dedass had 7 brilliant and quirky prints on sale. The decision was made by them to frame each print individually in a different moulding, keeping the overall look of them quite rustic - a bit more like a interesting bunch of frames picked up at a vintage shop. This worked perfectly with the space itself which had bare brick walls; here they are in situ..

    Framing Case Studies// 99 Mary 2

    One frame in particular which is of interest to us, is the bottom left hand side. This frame has been made from off cuts recovered from an old Hogarth frame that was brought to us recently by a customer. The Hogarth frame had been made in Hong Kong in the late 70’s and fitted well, adding a traditional and distressed look to the collection. 

    The Hogarth...

    Framing Case Studies// 99 Mary// Hogarth Frame

  3. B&B  Gallery// ‘HEY YOU!’ solo exhibition by Petro.

    For this show the design for the screenprint was in a deep rebated Ash that we hand finished using black stain and a Liberon black wax polish, and we also introduced the 19mm white spacers. It’s a very clean cut design and a bit of a favorite of ours for screenprints that have been printed right to the edge of the paper. Without putting a mount round it, but using the spacers, it still allows the print to have a nice bit of air around it.

     Framing Case Studies// Petro @ B&B

    We used a similar design for the truegrain acetate painted by Petro- however this time the piece has been mounted onto 5mm foam core and we used screw backed silver studs to secure the piece down onto an off white ph neutral mount board.

    Framing Case Studies// Petro @ B&B2


    ‘HEY YOU!’ runs until 28th July for more detail on when you can view the show head to Bradbury and Blanchard website.


  4. Showroom Cinema’s// Doc Fest’s 202020 project 04/06/2013

    After being approached by Doc Fest to design and make the frames for their 202020 exhibition situated at Showroom Cinema, we wanted to present them at a coherent collection of work. After viewing the prints we also decided to move away from a classic black frame and go for something a little softer, which in this case was a light charcoal gray - still wanting to keep a bit of a graphic edge in the design we used a black core mount to act as a second border to the prints. 

    We also installed the show at the Showroom cinema- here it is in situ. 

    Framing Case Studies// Doc Fest// Showroom Cinema

    Not only did we make and hang the frames, but we also screenprinted the 'Tina goes Shopping ' piece on the far right hand side, which is by artist Nick Phillips.  These frames are on display permanently now, so next time you're there check them out - there are some great adaptations of documentary films.

  5. At APG we are often asked to frame work for various artist, galleries and venues around Sheffield and beyond, this blog entry is just simple photo documentation of some of the recent events that we are very proud to be a part of. For more detailed case studies of our design choices when framing, keep a look out on our framing blog

    But for the mean time have a peruse though our gallery...



    To find out more about each venue, hit the links below and we’ll keep you updated about other events that we feature in and some that we just like to go to!

    Locations featured above... 

    B&B Gallery

    Doc Fest at the Showroom Cinema

    99 Mary Street// DED ASS

    Bank Street Arts

    Common Room Sports Bar