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» Listings for March 2013

  1. Each year we host a series of short shows in the spring (spring? did someone say spring?) featuring the work of students at Sheffield Hallam University Art School, from the 2nd year Fine Art, Creative Arts Practice, and Graphics courses. This has grown and we now often see exhibitors from previous years return to do 2nd or even 3rd shows, and also from other Art Schools. Today, a group from Leeds Metropolitan University and Sheffield College are setting up for their event "Something Sheffield".

    Exhibtions this March have come in the form of...

    'Mark, Make, Print' by Joshua Kent

    'At Odds' a group show by a number of Creative Art Practice students from Sheffield Hallam Univercity.

    'Just Because' a colaboration of  graphic and print based work by Sheffield Hallam students.

    'Something Sheffield' by a group of students from Leeds and Sheffield, who are hosting their live art and music events. CLICK HERE...