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  1. A Gallery Wall

    We've been reorganising our space on the ground floor and have a lot of framed pictures, stretched canvases and posters which we are putting on sale in a BIG clearance. From this Saturday, November 10th there will be BARGAINS, including ex-display, slightly damaged and general stock that we are moving on. Some of our hand-produced prints won't actually be marked down, but to tie in with the sale we will offer 50% off the price of any 2nd item bought during the sale, until the end of November. That's across the board, almost all of our stock is eligible, with just a very few exceptions. Buy any two, get the second one half-price. This also applies to all framing orders placed during that period. Discount applies to the lower priced item...

    There will be a make-an-offer wall, for a bit of haggling fun.

    It starts this Saturday, 10th November, a good day to come down to the yard if you want a warm welcome, and to be amongst the first to choose from selection of prints, posters and paintings, and an opportunity to pick up a bargain or two!

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    Red Snail - Eating Dodo


    Despite the silence on this blog for the last year we are not extinct ... but sadly this guy is - this week we have been printing and framing this lovely 'Red Snail - Eating Dodo' print by Butterscotch and Beestings. Here you can see the framed 4 colour screen print alongside the original drawing the print was created from.

    The original drawing and print will be shown at the 'Ghosts of Gone Birds' exhibition which will raise money and awareness for BirdLife International's Preventing Extinctions programme.