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Framing Case Studies // 99 Mary Street // DEDass

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99 Mary Street // Venue Launch 11/07/2013

For the launch of 99 Mary Street, Dedass had 7 brilliant and quirky prints on sale. The decision was made by them to frame each print individually in a different moulding, keeping the overall look of them quite rustic - a bit more like a interesting bunch of frames picked up at a vintage shop. This worked perfectly with the space itself which had bare brick walls; here they are in situ..

Framing Case Studies// 99 Mary 2

One frame in particular which is of interest to us, is the bottom left hand side. This frame has been made from off cuts recovered from an old Hogarth frame that was brought to us recently by a customer. The Hogarth frame had been made in Hong Kong in the late 70’s and fitted well, adding a traditional and distressed look to the collection. 

The Hogarth...

Framing Case Studies// 99 Mary// Hogarth Frame

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