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Gallery Walls - Screen Prints (retrospective) 3

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More from our back catalogue - screen prints from the 3C's show (October 2011) and the Number Cutouts


T-Rex  - 8
Rude Boys
35 x 50cm, 3-colour hand-pulled screenprint

250gsm Keaykolour Recycled Clay White paperstock

Limited Edition of 20 Signed & Numbered
£45.00 unframed
from £70 framed

T-Rex- 11
Cowboy & Indian
35 x 50cm, 3-colour hand-pulled screenprint

250gsm Keaykolour Recycled Clay White paperstock

Limited Edition of 20, signed & numbered
£45.00 unframed
from £70 framed

Laura Burn Acaster - 12
Cupids in Nooses 2012
4 Colour Screen Printed Poster
350x550mm 285 gsm Cairn Eco Kraft Recycled Board
Signed by the Artist
Hand Printed at APG Works
Edition of 40 plus 5 proofs
February 2012
In Collaboration with The Rude Shipyard
Price £25.00 each unframed, from £60.00 framed

Further details from this wall will be posted... meanwhile please email any enquiries


The Number Cut Outs
Created by Rupert Wood/Archipelago Studio 2005 – 2010
35 x 50cm 
4-colour screenprint on Keaykolour 285gsm Claywhite Recycled paper

Edition of 10, 
Signed & Numbered

£45.00 unframed
from £75.00 framed
The Number Cut Outs is a group of eight prints from 2 designs which are inspired by a series of 1968 screen prints by the Yorkshire painter John Langton which we acquired to sell in 2005.
John Langton is better known for his atmospheric treatments of light in landscape and gardens, but at the time he was keen to experiment with the then new art of screen printing, and did a series of hard edge abstract compositions using numbers and shapes. To me they had an exciting retro look and a 60s art school feel - I remember watching a student intern teaching assistant doing similar screen prints at my school at about that time.
John Langton told me that he had been influenced by the blocky shapes in Matisse's cut-outs, and I used the appealing misregistration and blockiness of the work as the basis for a series of prints which were printed digitally for a commission for the City Learning Centre at Newfield School, in which elements of the vector artwork were deliberately misaligned to create a built up feel with small gaps between the areas of colour.
Studio work on this stage of the project was by Ben McErlain in the Archipelago studio at the time. There were eight pieces and at last, working with another Ben (McLaughlin) and Josh Bedford I have produced the first two of these as screen prints, with one area of translucent colour overprinted on to base colour areas to generate extra colour blocks. In the two pieces carried out to date, there are four colourways so far, each of which is in a signed limited edition of 10.

Rupert Wood, June 2010


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