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Keith Wilson edition for S1 Artspace

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Keith Wilson edition for S1 Artspace

For a number of years now we’ve sponsored the annual S1 Artspace screenprint edition, working with their selected artist to produce a limited edition screenprint. This role has allowed us to works with a whole host of fantastic artists including Nicolas Deshayed, Melissa Gordon, Micheal Fullerton, Simon Bill, Assemble and Simon Terrill. This year we had the pleasure of working with Keith Wilson.

In 2015, Keith Wilson was commissioned to develop the first and only permanent work for Sculpture Park Hill, Sheffield’s new home for temporary public sculpture at the Park Hill estate in Sheffield.

In collaboration with landscape architect Tim Osborne Studio, Wilson reconfigured the 3.5-acre landscape to accommodate a series of five concrete discs – Park Hill Plinths – across the multipurpose site. The design of each plinth directly references a core aspect of Park Hill’s characteristic topography: the 3.18 m diameter is equal to the building’s modular grid, the concrete was made using the same mix, and the various heights reference the estate’s incremental plateaus.

Wilson's decision to lay these five plinths like a ‘footprint’ over the landscape could be viewed as a territorial gesture; claiming the future use of the landscape for artistic purposes, but it can also be seen as a generous gesture; giving a platform for what is yet to come.

On this particular edition our role was to screenprint a translucent circle of phthalo blue over a monochrome giclee print on archival paper (printed at APAS Sheffield)

Keith Wilson screenprint edition

All of the screenprint editions are edition are currently available at S1 Artspace

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