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Lotus and Silver Lining

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The current show at APG works sees the work of 2 visiting Japanese artists installed into the galleries

The exhibition, by Yusaku Fujiwara and Chiaki Kurumizawa, reflects on the impact and aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11/3/2011.

"Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake (magnitude 9.0) and tsunami (40 meters high) of March 11, 2011. In Japan, people are still recovering from the disaster."

Chiaki Kurumizawa / Silver Lining
"We Japanese uses the hot water for Shinto ritual. It means purification. I distilled the water of the disaster area and made the drop of water. And I took photograph of the light of the drop of water."

Yusaku Fujiwara / Lotus
"I collected plants at disaster area.
I put the plants on the flat base which I painted in black, and put paper and print it. The parts which I put the plants are left white. These are made with accidentalness and intentional work. I caught the plants as a symbol of the life and death and lay out the traces (white shadow of life and dead)."

Exhibition open daily 12-4pm, Monday to Saturday, May 16th to May 27th

Private View 19th May at APG, 5pm; all welcome. Please visit the Facebook event page to confirm attendance, or email us. Thanks! 

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