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Framing Case Study // Museum Standard

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Museum Standard Framing // Sam Winston, Gilbert & George and Alexander Calder

Sam Winston is artist who challenges the understanding of words, both in their meaning and the way in which they carry messages to us. 

Gilbert Prosech and George Passmore formed the duo Gilbert & George in 1967, when they met while studying at Saint Martin College, London. Their distinctively formal dress code and manners took hold and they coined the slogan ‘Art for all’ and dismissed elitism within art. They produce brightly coloured, graphic- style photo based artworks. 

Alexander Calder is one of the most influential sculptors and draughtsmen of the 20th Century. He pioneer the kinetic sculpture, which after joining the ‘Abstraction Creation ‘group in 1931, resulted in the birth of the ‘mobile’ 

Since Christmas we’ve been lucky enough to work on some beautiful original artworks by Alexander Calder, Sam Winston and Gilbert & George, held by the University of Sheffield Library Rare Books Department. For all of these frames we opted for one of the hardiest mouldings we have, which is a solid ash, deep rebate frame that we hand finish on site to a variety of natural colours using stains and waxes. Its hard and straight grain makes it a very strong dense wood, durable and long lasting. All of the materials used for these frames, were at the highest museum standard, including handmade cotton rag spacers and Anti-reflective, 99% UV blocking glass.

For people local to Sheffield, both the Gilbert & George and Sam Winston are currently on display at the University of Sheffield, in an exhibition entitled ‘Books that Trees would be Proud of’ on until 25th May 2015

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