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Elena Bajo // Marlborough Fine Art :July 2013

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Elena Bajo // Marlborough Fine Art London

As Picture Framers who mainly use solid wood moulding we often mix up stains and waxes to create finishes on woods like ash, oak and pine. To do this and keep the workshop tidy, we use a sheet of brown Kraft paper to stain the frames on. Why are we telling you this? Well it’s because the international artist Elena Bajo commissioned us to frame these pieces of Kraft paper that show all the marks of making.Below is an example of the first one we made.

In the Workshop...

Elena Bajos 3

Elena Bajos 2

In all we produced 5 framed pieces, each frame being stained on the Kraft Paper that was inside it. The first two went to Marlborough Fine Art in London for the group show in July 2013 and another 3 went to S1 Artspace as a part of the Art Sheffield Week. 

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