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  1. Mester Class // Pop-up shop of traditional craft

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    Mester Class // 18th - 22nd October

    It would be a mistake to say that Sheffield’s heyday of traditional mester works and craftsmanship is over, we’re lucky enough to live in a city that is home to an elite group of trades working hard to keep these traditions going.

    This week we have Mester Class in the gallery, a collective of 5 apprentice trained Sheffield Craftsmen. A silversmith, a blacksmith, a chaser, a knife-maker and a spinner. Mester Class is a selling exhibition of modern craft by traditional Sheffield craftsmen. Sophisticated and refined objects made by hand and to the highest standard. Mester Class, Pop-up show, APG Works Gallery

    Mester Class, Pop-up show, APG Works Gallery

  2. UP THERE // APG Works Summer Exhibition

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    screenprinting art sheffield squeegy up there

    UP THERE // APG Works Summer Exhibition

    Up There, a new exhibition at APG Works Gallery brings together our latest collaborations with a diverse group of over 20 artists who will each create a new screenprint design. These designs will be completed at the APG Works studio as original screenprints in limited editions of 30, for APG’s Summer Exhibition. 

    Artists from a variety of disciplines including photography, graphics and textile design have responded to the call. An intriguing aspect of the show will be the diversity of each artist’s approach to the task. 

    We set out to engage artists who share the growing excitement about print-making in Sheffield and want to participate. With their multi-disciplined approach to our favourite medium of screen printing, this will be an exciting and innovative exhibition that will pull together a group of artists that wouldn’t usually exhibit together.

    The artists:

    Jim Spendlove // Rob Lee // It Snipped my Heart // Zena Parker // Marc Smith // Amy Hodkin // Lisa Maltby // Kate Edge Mellor // Jack Royle // Holly Brumby // Kim Hubball // Victoria Green // Josephine Dellow // Alex Ekins // Willustration // Jim McElvaney // Anca Paraon // Lee Mason // Grace Goodwin // Alex Szabo-Haslam // Neil Carribine

    Print Specification:

    £30.00 each unframed
    Framed print price starting from £65.00
    Paper // Fedrigoni Free Life Vellum 280gsm
    Size // 35 x 50cm
    Editions of 30
    Signed and numbered by the artist
    Embossed with APG Works chop

    Head to the shop page to check out all 20 screen prints by 20 great artsits...

  3. Youse & Grey Suit

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    On Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October, local independent makers Youse and Grey Suit Clay joined forces to showcase their most recent collaborative project with a pop-up exhibition and shop in the APG Gallery.

    Combining their love of visual and functional design, they have come together to produce a very limited edition Desk Tidy set that was launched on the opening night. A brilliant weekend of vintage and handmade stationery, handmade ceramic homeware, new collaborations and all things wonderful for your home and office needs.

    Youse and Grey Suit photo

  4. Lotus and Silver Lining

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    The current show at APG works sees the work of 2 visiting Japanese artists installed into the galleries

    The exhibition, by Yusaku Fujiwara and Chiaki Kurumizawa, reflects on the impact and aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11/3/2011.

    "Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake (magnitude 9.0) and tsunami (40 meters high) of March 11, 2011. In Japan, people are still recovering from the disaster."

    Chiaki Kurumizawa / Silver Lining
    "We Japanese uses the hot water for Shinto ritual. It means purification. I distilled the water of the disaster area and made the drop of water. And I took photograph of the light of the drop of water."

    Yusaku Fujiwara / Lotus
    "I collected plants at disaster area.
    I put the plants on the flat base which I painted in black, and put paper and print it. The parts which I put the plants are left white. These are made with accidentalness and intentional work. I caught the plants as a symbol of the life and death and lay out the traces (white shadow of life and dead)."

    Exhibition open daily 12-4pm, Monday to Saturday, May 16th to May 27th

    Private View 19th May at APG, 5pm; all welcome. Please visit the Facebook event page to confirm attendance, or email us. Thanks! 

  5. Uncertain Spaces // Andy Cropper

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    Uncertain Spaces - a solo exhihibition by Andy Cropper

    31st March - 11th April 2016 

    Andy Cropper painting1

    Andy Cropper (b. 1971, lives and works in Sheffield)
    Andy is a realist painter concerned with issues relating to the ordinary, everyday and unremarkable. He captures glimpses, ephemeral moments usually unseen or missed. His paintings are beautifully observed, kaleidoscopic and multifaceted. His recent work has become focused on the cityscapes and landscapes of Sheffield.

    For Andy the show "Uncertain Spaces" is about mystery. His work of the past few years has been about observing uncertainty within the spaces of daily life. Looking at places and scenes that make him pause, and question what it is about that given place that produces a feeling that something is different. That something is an uncanny "not quite right".

    Things of note for 2015 and 2016
    Andy has been chosen twice for the Contemporary British Painting's "painting of the day".
    Andy was chosen for Now Then magazine's artist of the month for November 2015
    2015 Still City group show, Cupola Gallery off-site exhibition at The Blue Moon, Sheffield
    2015 Overlooked group show, The Scottish Queen, Sheffield
    2015 The Harley Open group show, The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire
    2015 Stillness group show, Arts Council Funded exhibition at Bloc Projects, Sheffield