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  1. Boards of Canada / Record Sleeve Screen Printing

    We are pleased to say that we had the pleasure of screen printing the new Boards of Canada Record Sleeve.It was a one off limited edition vinyl release that the sleeve were used for in the lead up to the first new album for the Scottish duo since 2005.Board of Canada are signed to the highly distinguished Warp Records. Here's what the Guardian had to say about it.

    Boards of Canada/ Screenprint

  2. Presentation Portfolio


    This is the presentation portfolio we've made for the artists' proof collections and for those who want to buy a complete set of the new prints. The price of the full set with the portfolio is £265.00 (against the full price, bought individually, of £300.00). On the Preview night, Thursday 25th April from 6.00pm we will make them available for £250.00.

    The portfolios measure 37x52cm, with flaps to hold the 35x50cm prints. More about this show...

    Go to APG Online Gallery for more information...

    Please Note: The above image shows only 5 of the prints. The 6th print in the series, Bug, by Laurence Harborne was still being printed when the photograph was taken. Details here...

    The show in situ...

    For this show, the prints have been made up in a variety of different framing formats by  APG framer Libby Pell. This gallery of images will give an idea of how the variations impact on the look of each piece.

    The show also contains examples of previous works that have been created as screen prints at APG in previous collaborations with these artists.

  3. Postcardspackshot413

    Collectable miniprints that come with good offers...

    We distribute our hand-printed postcard flyers at a select number of venues throughout the city, and will post details of those locations here in our next mailing, and in our blog. Look out for them and collect - they carry details of exclusive offers, and are lovely little original prints in themselves.

  4. Unleashed // Five prints

    Unleashing “Unleashed”... a portfolio of 6 new prints for Spring 2013

    This coming Thursday evening, April 25th, we are hosting a preview evening to show our new portfolio of prints. The portfolio consists of 6 new pieces of artwork which have been screen-printed here at APG.

    The artists are Tom J Newell, EMA, Jo Peel, Kid Acne, Jon Cannon, (shown above) & Laurence Harborne (below)


    The artists have created a spectrum of ideas and inspiration that links their artwork into the theme of “Unleashed”. The prints will be going on sale from the 19th April with great deals on framing, when bought from the gallery, or online.

    So, come and join us for a beer in the courtyard and take a look! Then (hopefully with it being a nice spring evening) ) come and join us in the beer garden at the Rutland Arms...

    The portfolio is now available in our online gallery, and there will be a small number of presentation portfolios to buy with the full set of prints for a discount off the full price of the individual prints.

    The show will also present other works from the APG catalogue by these artists, many of which be for sale. And look out for some of the deals on framing orders for these pieces throughout the show.

    The portfolio is now available in our online gallery

    Click on the thumbnails below to view more detailed images...


  5. All trimmed up and ready to go, an edition of 50 + proofs for Richard Johnson at Kidology Workshops, for their exhibition "As the Parakeet Flies"  at Cannon Hall Museum in Barnsley. The piece illustrates the  wonderfully rich, saturated colours we can get with screen printing.

    For more details about the artist and the show click here  - thoroughly recommended.

    Enquiries about the print can also be sent to us at APG - please email us

    Parrot Screen Print