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  1. Uncertain Spaces - a solo exhihibition by Andy Cropper

    31st March - 11th April 2016 

    Andy Cropper painting1

    Andy Cropper (b. 1971, lives and works in Sheffield)
    Andy is a realist painter concerned with issues relating to the ordinary, everyday and unremarkable. He captures glimpses, ephemeral moments usually unseen or missed. His paintings are beautifully observed, kaleidoscopic and multifaceted. His recent work has become focused on the cityscapes and landscapes of Sheffield.

    For Andy the show "Uncertain Spaces" is about mystery. His work of the past few years has been about observing uncertainty within the spaces of daily life. Looking at places and scenes that make him pause, and question what it is about that given place that produces a feeling that something is different. That something is an uncanny "not quite right".

    Things of note for 2015 and 2016
    Andy has been chosen twice for the Contemporary British Painting's "painting of the day".
    Andy was chosen for Now Then magazine's artist of the month for November 2015
    2015 Still City group show, Cupola Gallery off-site exhibition at The Blue Moon, Sheffield
    2015 Overlooked group show, The Scottish Queen, Sheffield
    2015 The Harley Open group show, The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire
    2015 Stillness group show, Arts Council Funded exhibition at Bloc Projects, Sheffield

  2. Crescent // Museum Standard Framing

    We are now stocking a new range of museum mount cards by Crescent. They're a welcome addition. These old fairground posters, with their faded colours and discoloured paper, benefit from having a soft "dirtier" colour next to them as opposed to the brighter colours of normal ranges. 


  3. Substation_ST2web

    Moore St. Electricity Substation - Original Architectural Perspectives

    August 20th - September 19th 2015, Monday - Saturday 11.00am - 4.00pm

    Our current show is a new series of prints featuring the Electricity Substation at Moore St., Sheffield. The works are based on the first architectural perspectives of the building, by Sheffield artist Kenneth Steel, drawn in about 1965. These original drawings are also in the show, and show a remarkable confidence in mark-making with heavy conté crayon, which exactly evokes the rough concrete of the building’s exterior. As artist’s impressions pre-construction, they show great sensitivity to the structure's eventual form and texture. The new screen prints have been derived from these drawings by the printmaking studio at APG.

    The building is a well-known Sheffield landmark. Completed in 1968 to a design by the late Bryan Jefferson, a leading modernist architect and former president of the RIBA, it exemplifies the bold style that came to be known as Brutalism. Although still controversial it is increasingly admired and was Grade 2 listed in 2010.

    Kenneth Steel (RBA, SGA 1906-1970) was a very talented Sheffield artist who after studying at Sheffield College of Art achieved a prolific output of artwork for the railways, including travel posters for LNER and BR; he was also much in demand by architects and engineering consultants for his architectural perspectives. This exhibition also features modern prints of some of his well-known travel posters and a small selection of other original drawings. Looking around the show on our opening last Thursday Malcolm Camp, who owns one of the 2 original perspective drawings, made the observation that Kenneth Steel is really a very under-rated Sheffield artist. His paintings for the travel posters have great fluidity and an assured evocation of place. His output was of its time, but serenely untouched by the major movements in the art world of the period. He seems to have produced work only on demand and the only surviving works are actually completed commissions. He left instructions for all his sketchbooks and unseen paintings to be destroyed after his death, which judging by the facility with he worked in various media - conté, pencil, watercolour and oils - was a great loss. 

    The show is open Monday -Saturday from 11.00 am - 4.00 pm until September 19th


    The editions have been produced with the authorisation of the Hignett family of Tauranga, New Zealand, representing the artist’s estate.

    We are grateful to Mr Edward Yardley, the author of a forthcoming biography of the artist Kenneth Steel, for assistance and information provided, as well as the loan of a number of pieces in the show.

    Thanks also to Malcolm Camp, who also loaned a piece and first notified of the existence of this work.

    Mr Tom Jones of Jefferson Sheard gave us valuable information about the architect and his work, and through him we met Mr Jefferson and had the opportunity to tell him about this project.

    To purchase prints from this collection, click here...

  4. Remember to Refresh 

    Check all your frames at least every 5 years. Despite using the materials appropriate to your project, we still recommend you keeping an eye on your freshly framed artwork. This is important to keep all framed work looking sharp, particularly if the work is valuable. We use conservation materials as standard. Conservation adhesives aren’t as aggressive as other adhesives as they are reversible so that if removed they leave very little marking on the piece. However, this does mean that occasionally they can fail after time and artworks can become loose in the frame. This is nothing to worry about: just bring the frame in and for a nominal fee we can open it up and get it looking in tip top condition again. We can also carry out any cleaning and polishing that needs to take place. 

  5. Tenderfoot Collective 2015

    Belinda Ayres / Jayne Dent / Natasha Eves / Jessica Heywood / Steven Hithersay / Amy Hodkin / Laura Jayne Hodkin / Alex Noble / Lena Peters / /Johannah Wragg

    Once again we warmly welcome Tenderfoot back to APG Gallery for their annual Summer exhibition. Tenderfoot are a collective that first exhibited with us 3 years ago having formed as a group while on their foundation year at Chesterfield College. Now establishing themselves in Art Schools and Universities across the UK, it's always a pleasure to see them return to APG and observe their progression and development.