Stuart Faulkner is an Amazing Painter - Browse and buy prints in our online gallery

Our June show highlights the work of the prolific painter Stuart Faulkner, whose febrile imagination takes him on an artistic journey from the dumb to the divine. Unexpected but spot-on mashups of scenes and characters from fictional popular media and real-life events and personalities have a ring of truth and inevitability which is often shocking, and always amusing.

Work available to view and buy during the show include new screen print editions based on some of the paintings, and some of the paintings themselves. There will also be a concepts book -  a list of ideas reflecting Stuart's energetic and anarchic approach, but which have yet to be executed... Select your choice, and order the work. It will be painted in a few weeks.

There will also be a zine available to buy towards the end of the show... we will post details.